Best Kindle Online A Dope Boy's Dream

A Dope Boy's Dream

Hallo friend Premium Kindle Book In the, You read this time with the title A Dope Boy's Dream , we have prepared well for this kindle book you reading online and download the information therein. Hopefully fill posts with Literature & Fiction and author by Cece S can you good of understand. Make sure you read the kindle book description in the below, and next step your Klick the download link. - What they both think is no good for them may actually turn out to be what was best all along…Series one of The Love Stories from the Bottom saga focuses on the struggle of love when survival is so important in the hood right now, and love isn’t what it used to be.Righteous Taylor is everything a man could ask for; beautiful, sweet, vibrant, and a go getter. In love with getting money, she has worked hard her whole life and stayed out the streets as best she could. In her last year of college, she is trying to finish and stack her bread for her first ever business venture. Stacking her money is easier said than done because of her rebellious younger brother. If ever a time she needed her business to pull through, it’s now. She’s lost all the family she’s ever had, and she doesn’t want to lose her brothers again.Major LeJuan Hendricks is a young heavy in his hood. The plug on green, yellow, and white, he’s the hoods go to man. Quiet, a fly dresser, laid back, and ruthless to the streets, the women throw themselves hard. After hopping off the porch at just nine years old, he has been in the streets day in and day out every day since, and wants a bigger title and bigger living arrangements. With indictments going on, constant arrests and his own homies being questionable, he knows it’s time for a change before his streak of luck in the streets run out. His mouth says one thing, but his actions tell a whole other story.The night Major and Righteous meet, they both knew one thing… there will be no relationship between the two. Righteous can’t stand how Major feels entitled to her goodies. Major doesn’t appreciate the chase she’s trying to put him through. But what they do appreciate is what they can offer each other and create. In the beginning, they start off as business partners, accomplishing more than they ever thought they could. The more time they spend together, the closer they grow. Finding out Major is a dope boy causes Righteous to lose all interest. This comes at the worst time because now both of feelings are involved.