Best Kindle Online Kindle Best Seller Niche Report April 2016: Compete Easily In Profitable Kindle Categories (kindle Best Seller Niche Reports Book 4)

Kindle Best Seller Niche Report April 2016: Compete Easily In Profitable Kindle Categories (kindle Best Seller Niche Reports Book 4)

Hallo friend Premium Kindle Book In the, You read this time with the title Kindle Best Seller Niche Report April 2016: Compete Easily In Profitable Kindle Categories (kindle Best Seller Niche Reports Book 4) , we have prepared well for this kindle book you reading online and download the information therein. Hopefully fill posts with Best Sellers 2016 and author by Andrew Makar can you good of understand. Make sure you read the kindle book description in the below, and next step your Klick the download link. - Find Profitable Kindle Best Seller Categories With Low Competition!The Holy Grail of Kindle Category AnalysisThe Challenge with Picking a NicheWith the advent of Kindle self-publishing, the ebook market has enabled self-published authors to not only “write what they know” but also profit and build a career from self publishing. “Writing what you know” is still good advice, however, in the Kindle market, the challenge is ensuring your topic is relevant to the your Kindle readers.  Writers are encouraged to review the Kindle Best Seller categories to identify a viable topic. Once a topic is found, writers face several challenges including:Are the books in the selected category are selling?Can the book compete in this category?How much time does it take to find a best selling category with low competition?There has to be a better wayThere are many published methods on evaluating a best selling category and finding a specific niche.  Kindle authors are encouraged to analyze the Best Seller Sales Rank to determine if their book can even compete in the category.  With over 4000 Kindle categories to analyze and over 20 books per page, you’ll spend weeks trying to find a viable category that has low competition.What if there was a listing of the best selling categories that were viable and had low competition?Well that’s exactly what the code monkey’s at Better Book Tools did - they analyzed all the categories, reviewed over 80,000 books and compiled a comprehensive index of best selling categories that are profitable and have low competition.One Report, Many BenefitsWith this analysis, you could quickly:Start from scratch with best selling categories that are profitableFind the best niche within the desired topic categoryIncrease your book’s exposure by assigning the best categoriesInstantly become a best seller in low competition niches that are profitablePrice your book within the category average rather than the lowest entry pointIf you are an established author or a first-time author, the Kindle Best Seller Niche Report will help you improve your book sales!Bonus Section Added - Instant Best Seller CategoriesIn this report, I've included new Best Seller Categories that have zero competition.  This means you could become an instant best seller by publishing your book in one of these categories and skyrocketing to the top of the categories best seller list.  This report has over 50 categories ripe for the taking!Previous Reader FeedbackAs a self published author, I have struggled finding profitable categories and niches to write for. How do you know which ones are best without spending hours, if not days, doing the research? It's time that could be spent writing! Andy's book takes the pain out of the process, and gives authors a comprehensive, but easy-to-use reference guide for which categories sell well, but with less competition. This book will now be my reference point for all writing projects. Thank you! - Diane Lee5 Starts! Just starting out with Kindle Publishing. Have been learning about niche mining and working on it for the past few months, it was then I came across Andy Makar ebook. What a great ebook. He has made the whole process so much easier by publishing this report. I am lucky to have found this starting out instead of going through expensive mistakes. - Renil GeorgeWould you like to know more?Get started right away with the analysis and start identifying profitable categories that you can actually compete in!  Scroll to the top of the page and click the Buy Now button!