Best Kindle Online Romance: Paranormal Romance Collection: The Breed (mysterious Celestial Alpha Male New Adult Romance) (military Rescue Revenge Plot Romance)

Romance: Paranormal Romance Collection: The Breed (mysterious Celestial Alpha Male New Adult Romance) (military Rescue Revenge Plot Romance)

Hallo friend Premium Kindle Book In the, You read this time with the title Romance: Paranormal Romance Collection: The Breed (mysterious Celestial Alpha Male New Adult Romance) (military Rescue Revenge Plot Romance) , we have prepared well for this kindle book you reading online and download the information therein. Hopefully fill posts with Kindle eBooks of New Releases and author by Eye Know Publishing can you good of understand. Make sure you read the kindle book description in the below, and next step your Klick the download link. - Highly acclaimed independent authors have contributed new stories to The BREED Anthology: Paranormal Romance . Six Phenomenal mystical romance novellas to spice up your kindle reads. THE QUANTUM SOCIETY, Doctor Amari Ratchek is determined to solve the mystery plaguing her department. Four mature women, all bearing mysterious, but dissimilar scars on their wrists, have no clear memories of their weekend. What is it that links them, and what is the source of erotic dreams that stirs her mind to unprofessional lust toward her work colleague, the handsome and caring Doctor Paul Siddig? Should Amari leave the mystery for others to solve, and enjoy her new and growing love for Paul, or is the risk of uncovering the source of the women’s collective amnesia worth risking everything for? FREE SOULS, Kasey is a bad luck plagued woman who is having the worst day. She’s locked out of her apartment, sees her boyfriend making out with another woman, and even ends up getting a bust of her chest made into a city side walk. Things aren’t going well. Her life is so perfect and yet she still can’t remember the last time she felt alive. One moment can change that, though. Agreeing to spend the day with Ramsey, a leather clad motorcycle club member, is the beginning of a day spent feeling free and fun. Only they soon realize that Kasey doesn’t very easily fit into his world of bars and brawls. It doesn’t stop Ramsey from wanting to ravish the unlucky woman and it doesn’t stop Kasey from drooling over each of his many tattoos. Leather, lace, and luck could be all Kasey needs to come alive. THE QUANTUM SOCIETY 2, Doctor Amari Ratchek and her work colleague Paul, were determined to solve the mystery plaguing her department where mature women bear mysterious, scars, and suffer peculiar amnesia. Their success drag the pair into a dark and mysterious world where vampires prey, casually discarding their confused and exhausted victims. But the pair emerge from the adventure with their own unique scars, and no memory of their erotic adventures aboard the luxury yacht, Demeter, nor their passionate relationship with each other. And when Amari is irresistibly drawn back to Demeter, accompanied by Paul, the vampire leader is forced to take drastic measures in order to protect his coven. Will his determination result in the deaths of Amari and Paul, or will their memories be permanently obliterated? Either way, the mortals cannot be allowed to roam freely, risking Demeter’s secret. BREAKING BAD, Leann Ford has everything a women can dream of: An amazing family, dream job in her family business, and boyfriend that loves her. Things were getting very serious between Ryan and Leann that she expected him to pop the question any day. Who knew a smile and a few flirtatious comments coming from her old roommate Susan would change her world forever. Susan moves to her hometown and stays with her while trying to get her life together. Things begin to turn and Leann finds herself being pushed out of her own life. Her job, family, and man become a question mark after some lies and deceit threaten to cost her everything she holds dear; perhaps even her life. Will she be able to hang on to all that she holds dear in life or lose in all to a friend who is determined to have her life, and her man. INFERNAL AFFAIRS, He only wanted to save and protect me. Only trouble was I was already lost in it all. It started with a job. That was three years ago. Does the precinct even remember that they left me here? Three years of living like an outlaw while gathering information on the president of the Phantom Outlaw MC. I’ve done things I never thought imaginable. I’ve grown darker. I’m even sure who I really work for anymore. The one thing I know for sure? I don’t want out if it means leaving Stormy Wyatt. I’ve gotten close to the president’s daughter. She’s about as much of an outlaw as I am. She’s never belonged. That doesn’t stop her father from trying to make